Introducing Our.News

Introducing Our.News

I’m excited to announce the creation of our new startup!

Our.News is a politically neutral platform to fight back against fake news on the Internet. It enables anyone to easily determine the truth of any news article. is being founded by serial entrepreneurs Richard Zack & Sean Killary, joined by the ninja developer Vin Ryan. We’re looking to grow this team immediately – Developers, investors, and anyone who thinks they can help are encouraged to contact us.

We’re still in the early startup stage, but there’s enough progress now to let the world know what we’re doing, and invite anyone interested in our venture to signup for our Alpha release at

At first, signing up just subscribes you to our newsletter. From there, we’ll send you updates on our progress including more information about how to start using the Alpha when it becomes available.

How does Our.News work? While the platform is under development, our investors have asked that we keep the specific details private for now. However, transparency and integrity are our core values and are absolutely essential to our mission and the success of The inner workings will ultimately be completely open to the public, who will also be invited to participate in the oversight of the accuracy and neutrality of the system.

More to come! Let’s clear the Internet of fake news!